Caston Snowbird Shred - Behind the Shoot

Blizzard was proud to work with Freeride Team Member Marcus Caston on a unique but familiar concept with Photographer / Filmmaker Adam Clark. The concept was to only shoot on the frontside of Caston's home resort, Snowbird, UT -- to create a captivating look at a very relatable ski experience to the everyday skier. Caston and Clark did not pin point big powder days, reach into the backcountry or stray away from terrain available to the every day skier at Snowbird. Here are their words on this project:

MARCUS    The first ski movie I ever go addicted to was The Tangerine Dream by TGR.  They came to Snowbird, and filmed all my local heroes shredding the same mountain that I called home.  I watched the Snowbird segment over and over, imagining myself in the movie, getting to show off my favorite runs.  TGR knocked it out of the park for me, because they created something that I could relate to personally.  Most skiers never get the chance to travel to exotic places searching for perfect snow.  Most skiers live within the boundaries of resorts, and most of the time conditions are not perfect.  Yet skiing always prevails, and is always fun.  A bad day on snow is still better than a day doing anything else.  

I wasn’t sure how the idea of making an all in-bounds at Snowbird edit with zero powder would be received, especially, when we approached world renown photographer Adam Clark.  To my pleasure he wanted to create the piece, and then the butterflies started. 

ADAM       I was really excited for the challenge of filming Marcus skiing in-bounds at Snowbird. But also a little worried it wouldn't work out as I'm used to people loving amazing snow and amazing terrain with really great production value. We decided we didn't want to shoot what people expected from Utah, epic pow. We wanted to capture the everyday shreddin of groomers, dust on crust, moguls. We didn't shoot any closed terrain or early up's. Lucky for me, the first shot we took, Marcus skiing a mogul line under the Tram on silver fox, I knew this was going to work and be fun. After another 10 day's of shooting, mostly first trams, we knew we had enough, and than we could just enjoy the tram deck. Sidenote- all the aerial shots were done while I was shooting out of the window in the tram while it was going down. No drone's allowed at Snowbird so we were committed to getting the timing perfect as I passed Marcus overhead.

MARCUS     I found myself nervous at the start of this shoot, but it really was the easiest filming project I have ever been involved with.  I just skied my favorite runs the way I have skied them for the last 26 years of my life.  It felt like any other day ripping on the mountain with my friends.  Half the time Adam would ride the tram down and shoot me skiing behind it, I would hop back in the box and we would go for another.  I think I was getting more laps skiing top to bottom than I would on a normal day of skiing.  

One of the most special memories from filming, was when we were on top Great Scott and a group of young Snowbird Ski Team kids rolled up.  Their coach said few words, then dropped in making huge super g turns right to the bottom.  One by one these young rippers followed his tracks and nuked out the bottom to high fives and friendly shit talk.  It brought back such great memories of when I was one of those little kids pushing one another to ski faster and go bigger.  It was those times that inspired me to want to create this piece so long ago, and there we were standing on top, setting up the shots, and finally making it happen.