"Passion for hard work and a continuous desire of growth and innovation
are the most important values in my life"
Giancarlo Zanatta - Tecnica Founder

In 1960 two brothers, Giancarlo and Ambrosiano Zanatta, established Calzaturificio Tecnica Spa, an industry that had evolved a long way from the small artisan workshop set up in the 1930s by their father Oreste who made working boots for men who toiled in the nearby Dolomites.

Tecnica has been a cutting-edge company in the manufacture of performance footwear for outdoor sports ever since 1970. On-going technological research and a passion for innovation lie at the heart of its philosophy.

The third generation of a family of entrepreneurs who turned a small craftsman’s business into a world-renowned group in the sports sector.

In 1970 Tecnica launched the first Moon Boot©, inspired by the legendary landing on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong: a product that would become one of the greatest fashion and design successes of all time.
In just a few years after that Tecnica would become one of the leading international groups in the sports footwear world

All Tecnica products are studied so that they give each and every sports enthusiast maximum performance. Racing provides the most advanced workshop for studying and developing the best solutions for all consumers: the constant striving for excellence has resulted in dozens of Tecnica athletes achieving the greatest successes in all the most important international competitions.

In 1985 Tecnica launched its first range of outdoor footwear and before long it was a leading brand in the sector. Today Tecnica Group with all its brands is the largest European manufacturer of outdoor footwear.

Tecnica products are currently distributed to more than 3000 retail outlets in more than 70 countries across the globe.
Headquarters remains firmly and proudly located in Italy, in the heart of the world’s most important production area for sports footwear. A proudly Italian business with a cosmopolitan, international culture and mentality.



Calzaturificio Tecnica SpA was born on 1960, developing the activity of the small workshop established in the 1930’s by Oreste Zanatta. At the beginning, the company’s activity was focused on work-boots production.


Together with the growing of ski trend in Italy Tecnica change its production and directs its activity towards the winter sports market. In 1969 the first major international success with the launch of Moon Boot, an after-ski boot that takes inspiration from the boots worn by the Apollo astronauts who first set foot on the Moon. Moon Boots will quickly become synonymous in the world of after-ski boot and symbol of Tecnica success.


In 1970 Tecnica presents Tecnus, the first bi-injiected skiboot, followed in the 80s by the TNT hit series. These are the first steps of the company to reach a leadership position in the ski boot market.


In the mid-'80s, Tecnica launches its first outdoor collection that will quickly become one of its major market segments.


Tecnica launches its first collections of trekking and outdoor shoes


Tecnica takes over Lowa, the most prestigious German company in the outdoor footwear market. For the first time, an Italian company acquires a top-level german company in this field.


In 1998 Tecnica acquired Dolomite, the world’s oldest existing mountain equipment brand. Thus was born Tecnica Group, today a world leader in ski boots, outdoor footwear, after-ski footwear, in-line skating, with its brands Tecnica, Blizzard, Moon Boot, Lowa, Nordica, Dolomite, Rollerblade.


Tecnica has been confirmed as the world leader in after-ski segment and third in ski boots market.
In 2002, the company introduces two revolutionary technologies: HOTFORM, a special thermoformable liner and Rapid Access, an innovative technology allowing the foot to slide in an out of the boot with ease.


Tecnica is by now the largest European manufacturer in the outdoor sector


TRS Max is unveiled and Tecnica makes its entrance onto the trail running scene


During all those years integration and diversification strategies together with the ability to create high performing products have made the company a leader in ski boot, after-ski and outdoor segments.
Innovation, continuous research in the development of collections and focus on the needs of the consumers are the winning features of brand Tecnica. Several and prestigious awards received during those years: the ISPO Award 2014 for Mach1 130 ski boot and the ISPO Award 2016 for Zero G Guide Pro the latest, at the most important trade fair of winter sports. Tecnica confirms its successes also on the field thanks to ski champion Mario Matt, who won a gold medal in slalom at the Olympics in Sochi 2014 and Loic Collomb-Patton who won twice the FreeRide World Tour (2014-2017).


Tecnica’s athletes win the Tor des Géants, the world’s longest and toughest trail running race