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North and South America

Tim Hronek


BIRTHDAY: 1 June 1995
HOME: Germany


  • What MOMENT do you ski for? 

To stay in the moment between the high speed  sections and the roller jumps is an unbelievable feeling and that's what makes me happy.


  • How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge?

Between the races I recharge my batteries by repairing things in my garage. That gives me new energy for the next competitions.

  • What's your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you?

"Ride or Die"
I am really a risk taking guy and am always searching for the limit. For me the goal is to reach your dreams.

  • What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are today and were they worth it?

For me, sports were always the number one priority, sometimes more important then school. There was no time for friends after school. After school I would eat my lunch on the way to ski training. After ski training I had to do my homework and get some sleep for the next day. It’s a really hard business and you have to give up on something. My parents worked hard - they had more than one job to finance this expensive sport for my sister and me. I am really proud of my decision, every minute pays off.

  • What do you do when you aren't skiing?

I own an old VW Bully and traveling around in this car makes me happy. Such an old car often breaks but I enjoy fixing it. In the Summer, along with training, I really enjoy being in the mountains in my hometown.