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High performance

YOU CHOOSE YOUR VOLUME. TECNICA DELIVERS THE PERFORMANCE. Mach1 has become synonymous with high performance, great fit and - with C.A.S. - the ultimate in customization. Whether you are a low volume or a medium volume fit, you know you will get great performance in a great fitting boot with extensive customization capabilities. For 18/19 we have completed the volume story with the all new Mach1 HV. Same great high performance and fit as the Mach1 LV and MV models, but in a fit for the skier with a high volume foot. Mach1 now provides the ultimate fit, performance and customization for every foot shape and volume.   PERFORMANCE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS Precise Foot Retention Pre-shaped C.A.S. liner Full contact strap + lift lock High performance set up (+ 1 degree of canting) High quality padding Anatomic C.A.S. shell The best material for bootfitting