Q1) How old were you when you learned to ski?
My family and I started skiing around 1981, I was 5(ish) through an Ann Arbor News “Family Learn to Ski” special.  The Ann Arbor News was a newspaper.  We used to have those before smartphones.  
Q2) How long have you been a member of PSIA?
I jointed PSIA in 1996 so, this will be my 20th year as a member.   I started teaching in 1990 however was too young to join PSIA.  Honestly, that sort of annoyed me so when I turned 16 (the youngest age allowed) I did not join.  At the mature age of 18 I discarded my grudge and joined up ;-)
Q3) What’s your favorite ski movie? 
Aspen Extreme of course!   Seriously, there are too may great ones to say which is my favorite. Blizzard of Ahhs is hard to beat, and, not just because of the title.
Q4) Who’s your favorite Professional Skier?
My childhood and adolescent idol was Glen Plake.  Hell, I get to work with him on occasion and he’s till my idol!
Q5)Favorite Blizzard ski ever & Why?
Now there is a loaded question…
My go-to ski is a WRC, except when it’s a Brahma…
…or a Bonafide, 
…But, sometimes its World Cup GS when it’s not an X8.  
Then again, sometimes you can’t beat a slalom ski.    
What can I say, different tools for different jobs and Blizzard produces the goods for each need.  
Q6) If you could only ski one trail for the rest of your life, which one and why?
G8 on Highlands Bowl to the traverse to Golden Horne to  Thunderbowl to the base of Aspen Highlands.  3635 feet of awesomeness. Steep off piste to an epic firm groomer. 
Q7) Favorite après ski hang out?
Cloud Nine until the lifts close to anything at the base of Highlands OR the HenuStall in Zermatt OR Mooserwirt in St Anton
Q8) …More importantly, Favorite après ski drink?
Whatever Steve Brown is buying
Q9) Growing up I always aspired to make the PERFECT TURN…I was close once, but I couldn’t quite hold on. Have you ever made the Perfect Turn? If so, elaborate…
Hell no.  Isn’t that the beauty of skiing… the endless and impossible solo quest for mastery?
…mastery in whatever inspires you about skiing.  
Skiing is the perfect marriage of art and technique and, as such, provides endless creative pathways and can never be mastered. The search for it is what holds meaning. 
Q10) What is your favorite thing about being a Tecnica Blizzard Pro?
The perfect combination between the people, the gear, and the company philosophy.   Rarely do all align this well.  It’s truly inspirational!