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W2W’s ultimate goal is to bring more women closer to the mountains and let them discover all shades of the winter world. Sharing our passion and experiences is the best way we have.


Through skiing we learn to take risks. We fall down and we get back up. We discover our courage.


From the moment we click into our bindings, we become part of the same tribe.


Eight badass women (and one dude) convene at Jackson Hole to tackle big mountains and bigger issues. By Kimberly Beekman


Life is about new experiences. The places skiing brings me. From the early morning skin track to the fresh corduroy on a bluebird......


I am not a leaf in a stream, letting life take me wherever it goes—I determine my path.


Skiing is the balance that allows me to manage the different aspects of my life: family, friends, work.


For pro skiers, dealing with injuries is in the job description. But being prepared doesn’t make it easy. By Kimberly Beekman


We ski for those special moments. Moments of freedom. Moments of happiness. No white noise, no doubts. Only skiing.

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The Shared Experience - Aspen

"It's about connecting with people. It's about creating memories, collecting moments..."

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